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Houston FGHT Ministries

Outreach Ministries

Our various outreach ministry is comprised of several auxiliary and groups of members within our church frame work that are concerned about every person possible through the love and knowledge of Christ. These awesome ministries are geared toward connecting, educating, helping all mankind. The full scope of all the Outreach Ministries in operation are too numerous on this page. We have however, listed a few of the core Outreach Ministries currently in effect. Although each one is diverse in their methods of outreach, the focus is the same, to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

My Brother's Keeper Ministry
Our Brotherhood ministry caters to the development of the whole man both naturally and spiritually, through teaching men of all ages how to be holy men of God while displaying strength, wisdom to become better men, fathers, brothers, husbands and a light to the world . This ministry also mentors our young boys, teens and young men. Our brotherhood also provides maintenance and upkeep of the church and church grounds.

Women's Auxiliary Ministry
Our Women's' Ministry is in place to help mold and shape each woman and young lady’s into a vessel of honor that God can use as an example and a light to today's society. With meetings, programs and a host of dedicated projects and conventions in place organizationally, the Women’s Ministry flourishes.

Music Ministry

Our Music Ministry is designed to invoke the presence of God through psalms, hymns, worship and praise by anointed singing and anointed music.  Our praise teams, choirs, groups, soloists and musicians fulfill Psalms 150 to the fullest.

Youth Ministry
The Youth Ministry has a very important role in our 21st century church. Through this ministry our aim is to provide our young people with every essential tool needed to cultivate them into the men and women that God is calling for in this last day.  With a youth-centric approach, we have cultivated several programs including, Youth Service Night, Teen Summits, Workshops and Youth Congress Convention participation just to name a few projects dedicated to the spiritual development of our youth.  We also have several youth trips and outings and fun events for our youth. Finally, we have various trips to universities and community service activities set up throughout the year to encourage them to be productive and model citizens.

Usher Board Ministry
The Usher Board ministry is dedicated in being a doorkeeper and servant for God in every service. The Usher Board is also first class in hospitality and assisting those in need in every service. 


Media Ministry

Media Ministry is responsible for the video and audio recordings of the services and programs. They are also in charge of DVD, CD, and book distribution, our YouTube uploads, website, photography and online reproductions. The Media Ministry has creative control in designing       church programs, flyers and literature for the ministry.

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