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Pastor Andre` L. Lee

First Lady Amy Lee

Evangelist Amy Lee is the wife of Pastor Andre' Lee of Houston Full Gospel Holy Temple Church and the mother of two beautiful daughters, A'Lyssah and A'Laynah.  God delivered First Lady Lee at a very young age under the leadership of the late Pastor Arthur Drummer of Simmesport FGHT. With a servants heart, First Lady Lee served on the Usher Board for several years.  Whatever her hands found to do, she did with all her might. She taught the Primary Sunday School class without fail every Sunday. First Lady Lee faithfully sang in the mass choir at her church and in every convention.  She will tell you that even from a child she desired to be in church. The hand of the Lord was on her life from the very beginning to teach and preach the Word of God. First Lady Lee was one of the first speakers in our Annual Youth Congress held every December, of which Pastor Lee is now President. God blessed her to raise her siblings in FGHT after the death of her mother.  It wasn't always easy but she will testify that it was definitely worth it. Today First Lady Lee works faithfully beside her husband in being a dedicated kingdom builder.  After over thirty years of holy living, her passion for the work of God is stronger than ever. God has afforded her the opportunity to travel to different cities

and states to preach the Gospel of deliverance.  First Lady Lee is committed to seeing souls delivered from the hands of the enemy. 

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